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Designing Training programs

A training program can be a way to give back to your clients to build trust and credibility to show them how you can help them. Examples of how to use training programs include creating a pdf download, creating a social media group and creating webinars with useful tips and information relevant to the industry. This helps the customer to feel more connected while learning something that they are interested in. We can design a training manual for you to help you maintain a professional image to your market.

Creating content to engage with your clients

This is a way to give back to clients while building trust and credibility for when they are ready for your help. For example a social media group with helpful tips, pdf downloads with information, webinars that allow them to feel more connected while learning something they are interested in 

Designing your training manual well and keeping it up to date is a very valuable asset. You can also provide sample pages to prospective customers to show the value of the content

  • It needs to be easy to read and have a clear contents section preferably with colour coded sections
  • Be well presented
  • have creative illustrations that educate on the concept being taught
  • Becomes a resource they refer back to that they can quickly go back to key concepts with

Also keep the following in mind

  • Compelling content that is structured in an organised way
  • Relevant to your audience and their level of skills
  • Designed in a way that fits the way it will be used

You can also have a version for the facilitator that will allow them to see key points to remember and has checklists to allow them to prepare well before the workshop

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