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Brochure Design

A brochure is a way of explaining to your customers how you can help them while also enhancing the brand of your business
It needs to be easy to understand and designed in a way that creates a professional image for your business
You also need to create a strategy for how your brochure will be used ie will it be mailed out with invoices, will it be given to customers when they meet you, will it be given to referral partners to help them to promote you easily?

Making a Brochure Work for your Business

Create a positive message about your business.
Introduce your team and products or services and explain how your business helps the customer
Let people know your values and what they can expect from you
Have clear call to actions that make it easy for them to engage with you
Provide helpful information
Include contact details

Brochure that showcases the need to plan for your retirement with creative icons that guide the viewer through the process