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Shortlisted in Desktop Create Awards

We are excited to announce that Design Reaction has been short listed in the Desktop Create Awards in the category of Interactive Design.

The Castle Dreams flash game was created to inspire client's of Castle Personnal Inc. See it in action here.

Desktop Create Awards 2010
Introduction screen, with client logo and instructions on how to playIntroductory cutscene, showing the player entering the supermarket (where the game takes place)Skill selection menu, where the player selects the type of skill they want to learnSupermarket skill list, this is where the player goes shopping to collect the disciplines necessary to learn their chosen skillGameplay, when a player finds a necessary discipline they use the mouse to click and drag the discipline into the shopping cartSkill complete, once the player collects all the disciplines of their chosen skill this list congratulates them
Ending cutscene, the audience claps as the player emerges with their chosen skill
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