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Letterhead Design and Print

To create an effective letterhead design you need to capture the essence of your brand and communicate that to the customer by professional graphic design and quality printing. Your letterhead is an opportunity not only to provide your contact information and present your brand in a compelling way but also to alert your customers to the other services that you offer. It is much more cost effective in time and money to have your letterhead professionally printed and really presents your company in a much more professional way.
When working on your letterhead keep in mind that you can also use this design to create a professional email header for your online communications. Another idea to consider is when you are creating invoices for your customers have a new tip each month that is one to 2 lines long that makes their life easier and also promotes the benefits of your service - this allows you to become an expert on your subject and build credibility with them and also alerts them to other tasks you might be able to help them with.

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