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DL Flyer Design

When creating a DL Flyer it is important to first consider what action you want the viewer to take. This becomes increasingly important if you are doing a mass mail out where you do not know the potential customer. To increase the success of your mail out make sure you have a clear call to action that encourages them to go to an online lead capture page and enter their contact details. For this to work effectively you need to provide some kind of offer or incentive for them to provide their contact details. It is also really important to make sure you are answering a problem by asking a question in your heading and then providing an answer in the copy as to how you will be able to help them resolve this problem. If you also have some connections in your network that are willing to send out your offer to their customer base as a gift or thank you to their loyal customers this is a great way to leverage your marketing efforts - just make sure you are providing great value and also helping your referral partner. (As the key in any joint venture of this nature is that you are asking how can I give/provide value instead of thinking what can I get)